Photographer in Bishops Stortford



We are well into the school holidays and I have been very busy doing shoots with some fabulous people. Here are a few shots from recent shoots.

Starting at the top, here’s Louis ‘hanging’ out with his mum and dad. he would have been happy to have stayed there all day! Next its the very beautiful Florence. To celebrate her first birthday, her mum and dad treated her to a cake-smash session. Its been a while since I used vibrant colours in my shots – and this shoot was the perfect opportunity to be vibrant! Next up is a family portrait featuring Pauline with her grandchildren Jack, Charlie and Ruby. Everyone was so great to work with in this shoot. Next is 3 year old Emilia. I love doing shots of this nature – shots that have a darker and moody feel to them. Next is Emily and Edward. Being typical siblings, they weren’t that keen to have their photo taken close to each other, but a little bribery, we got this great shot! Finally we have Maya. Maya was telling me how much she loves eating apples (red ones), broccoli AND Asparagus. I wonder how many mums and dads out there wish their little ones would say the same thing..!

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