‘The Four Fellows’

As a photographer, there is nothing more nerve wracking than to photograph another photographer… whilst being watched by a load of other photographers!

I took part (along with three other Fellowship status photographers) in an event hosted by the UK’s leading professional photographic organisation, the Master Photographers Association (MPA).

We were asked to undertake portrait shoots using the same studio, lighting and models. The idea was to give our visual interpretations of the subjects. Each photographer was given 2x 15 minute shoots to come up with something – and talk about what they are doing.

So this is what I came up with – and I’m pretty pleased with them, considering I had no idea who I was going to photograph… or indeed how I was going to photograph them, using someone else’s studio and equipment.

The photos feature the Chairman of the MPA, Ray Lowe, who is one of the country’s most respected social photographers, and multi award-winning photographer, Hossain Mahdavi.

Despite the little bit of pressure to do a good job, I really enjoyed the evening and all of us had a lot of fun.

All photographs: © Copyright David Calvert 2017. All rights reserved.
Copying strictly forbidden by law.